New Flavour! Pistachio Custard Cannoli

This week, we released an exciting, fresh new flavour! Pistachio custard joins the line up of cannoli flavours that make you go “mmmmm”.

It’s not easy to develop a new custard flavour. Some might think we grab a tin of artificial flavouring and throw it into a vanilla custard mix. This isn’t the case at all. The majority of our flavouring comes from experimenting with natural ingredients, and how they react with the base custard. It’s often difficult to find a balance between sweetness, general taste, consistency, texture, and colour.

You may notice the signature pistachio green colour on the custard. While some recipes only dip their ricotta in crushed pistachio, our custard contains cruched pistachio nuts in the custard mix, AND the large cannoli are dipped. Ensuring you receive a rich pistachio flavour with every This ensures your taste buds wont be disappointed with each bite.

Pistachio Cannoli is of course available in both small and large.