Father’s Day Delivery Update

Hey Cannoli Lovers! Due to the ongoing restrictions in NSW, we’ve sadly reached a driver shortage and we’re unable to accept any further orders for the Father’s Day weekend. Delivery is available from September 8 onwards. We’re really sorry to disappoint you as much as it disappoints us, but it’s completely out of our control.

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Cannoli Bazooka – A Unique Cake Idea

Continuing our take on unique cake ideas, Cannoli Bazookas (also known as Cannoli Baskets) are a jaw-dropping way of celebrating in style. Features To Spice It up- The great thing about Cannoli Bazookas is that they come in two sizes. Small and large. Small Cannoli Bazookas are made up of 20 mini and 2 large Cannoli […]

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Cannoli Tower – A Unique Cake Idea

With so many creative themes and decorations emerging these days, it’s hard to keep up with what might be the latest and greatest on your dessert table. Cannoli Towers are a great alternative to the traditional cake and candles. Although you can still use candles. Features To Spice It up- Our Cannoli Towers can be […]

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The History of Cannoli

Cannoli originated from the island of Sicily and roughly trace back to the middle ages. Cannoli is best described as a tube-shaped, fried pastry shell that is piped with a delicious creamy filling. Although Cannoli are usually sold in a trio of flavours ( vanilla custard, chocolate, ricotta), it is believed that the first flavour […]

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