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We are passionate about baking. Each of our handmade items are carefully baked with love.


We are very punctual and promise to deliver fresh made products to every customer on time.

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We have all your favorite traditional bread, 7 days a week! You can choose from a rich variety of cookies, pastries and cakes.

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We specialize in custom cakes for all occasions. You can choose from a variety of designs to create the perfect cake for you.

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Fresh Juices

Choose from a variety of fruits and veggies to make your favorite juice. You can also enjoy a simple fresh squeezed orange juice.

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We do catering all from weddings to business functions. We offer our authentic food to be simply delivered, or we can serve it for you.

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Smile Truck

Our new awesome team will be hitting the streets with our best picked up goodies for you and much more.

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From elegant wedding cakes to delicious gift baskets, we can help you create a perfect and unique wedding.

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We began over 40 years ago!

Cannoli Rush is owned and operated by an Italian family with 40 years experience creating the finest continental cakes and pastries in Sydney. We chose quality of quantity and made the ultimate commitment to the art of crafting exceptional cannoli – why struggle to make hundreds of different mediocre Italian cakes when you can perfect the one that matters most?

Our cannoli are loved so much that production is bigger than ever while still being hand-made! This is why we now aim to spread the love of cannoli all around Sydney with our convenient and reliable delivery service, and rotating pop-up stores.

At Cannoli Rush, our mission is clear – It’s not just a dessert; we aim to deliver an experience. Every mouthful is a ticket to Cannoli Island, where the shells are crispy and the fillings divine – an actual sweet life . Our dedication to quality means you won’t find an overwhelming assortment of pastries here – but you will find cannoli perfection in every way.

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