Chocoholic – Cannoli Gift Box

Chocoholic – Cannoli Gift Box


  • 4 x Small Chocolate Cannoli
  • 4 x Small Nutella
  • 4 x Chocolate Custard Profiteroles
  • 1 x Mars Bar Tart
  • 1 x Chocolate Éclair
  • Assorted Chocolates

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Can’t get enough of chocolate? The Chocoholic dessert gift box is for you. Choc full of the best Italian pastries in Sydney – chocolate cannoli, chocolate-infused ricotta cake, a fluffy chocolate eclair and sumptuous profiteroles. Every box is not only sure to satisfy the taste buds of the most devout chocoholics, but impress anyone who’s lucky enough to share your dessert box.

Each pastry is lovingly made by hand by our highly-skilled pastry chef. The profiteroles are baked and filled with house-made chocolate custard and dipped in rich dark chocolate to offset the velvety filling. The chocolate cannoli is fried until crisp, also filled with our sumptuous chocolate custard and then finished with a dusting of confectioners sugar. With years of experience perfecting Italian pastry recipes, every one of our cannoli and profiteroles are beautifully balanced and never too sweet – undeniably addictive.

Don’t think it could get any better than eight beautiful chocolate cannoli and four filled and dipped profiteroles? You’ll also find a selection of chocolates to pair with your delicious Italian pastries. So, whether you want to keep it all to yourself (and we wouldn’t blame you), or share with loved ones, this is one of the best dessert boxes you can get your hands on in Sydney. With our delivery service, we’ve made it easier than ever to buy cannoli online. Just order your box at least the day before you’d like it and we’ll ensure you get your chocolate and Italian pastry fix.


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