The Secret to Great Tasting Ricotta Cannoli

Did you know, lightly sweetened and creamy ricotta is the original cannoli filling when it was first invented in Sicily, over 1,000 years ago. For centuries, this was the only cannoli flavour. Many vendors garnished ricotta cannoli with finely grated orange rind and dark chocolate, and other found all sorts of delicious treats to dip the ends of the cannolo into.

That’s why ricotta is still one of the most popular flavours today, even though there are now many renditions of the recipe and each have their own unique finish. Some leave them plain, others may dip the end in pistachios or choc chips.

We take pride in our ricotta cannoli, as it takes a good chef to make the perfect mouth-watering ricotta. Fortunately we have one with over 40 years experience in Italian pastries and the result is a thick and creamy filling to compliment the crunchy Cannoli shell. Aside from the plain ricotta option, we also created a strawberry and blueberry spin-off. A little fruity flare, but not too sweet!

Serving Suggestions

Ricotta Cannoli is traditionally served alongside a dessert wine, however it is now more common to enjoy one with a cup of coffee.