Cannoli Bazooka – A Unique Cake Idea

Continuing our take on unique cake ideas, Cannoli Bazookas (also known as Cannoli Baskets) are a jaw-dropping way of celebrating in style.

Features To Spice It up-

The great thing about Cannoli Bazookas is that they come in two sizes. Small and large. Small Cannoli Bazookas are made up of 20 mini and 2 large Cannoli whereas large Bazookas are made up of 50 mini, 2 large Cannoli and Profiteroles in the middle.

Of course, our signature ribbons and a customised message are available also.

Flavours –

Just like the Cannoli Tower, the Cannoli Bazooka can be made in any combination of our flavours.

Delivery –

With Sydney-wide delivery being our field of expertise, we can still deliver a Cannoli Bazooka to you. They are carefully packaged in a window box to ensure they have safe travels.

Need something a little more special? Maybe a golden Cannoli Bazooka? Send us a request and we will always try to cater your needs!